Accommodation options

We offer three accommodation options, so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs. It is possible to let the cats roam throughout the hotel during the day upon prior agreement with the owner.

Classic accommodation

  • A smaller room suitable for kittens and older cats
  • A small scratcher
  • AC

Premium accommodation

  • Two sizes: 130x100x215 cm and 150x110x245 cm
  • A scratcher
  • AC
  • Optional webcam

DeLuxe accommodation

  • A spacious room (3.45 x 3.67 m) for your cat only
  • A huge scratcher
  • AC 
  • A water fountain
  • Optional webcam


  • A room for cats suspected of having an infectious disease 
  • A pet bed
  • A small scratcher
  • AC 

Terms and conditions

To be accommodated, your cat needs to have:

  • Valid vaccinations, no symptoms of disease or parasites
  • Active flea treatment
  • A valid vaccination card that must stay in the hotel along with the cat. A contract must be signed before your cat can be accommodated.

Boarding options

  • Food the cat is used to – as supplied by the owner
  • Hotel food: canned food, pouches, standard dry food

There is a fully equipped kitchen at the hotel where we can prepare special food for cats with specific dietary requirements. The frequency of meals is arranged with the owner.