About the hotel

The hotel for cats is run by Klára Navrátilová, a graduate of the Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague. Klára has decided to combine her passion for the hotel industry, gastronomy and animals, and focus on feline clients who deserve to be pampered as much as their owners when they are away on holiday.


The hotel equipment meets all the required hygiene standards. The materials used are fully washable and not harmful to cats. The walls, floor tiling and every piece of equipment, including the textiles, are washable and can be disinfected. After a cat leaves the hotel, everything is cleaned and sanitised. A steam cleaner, an effective tool fighting viruses and bacteria, is also used.

There is an isolation room to keep other hotel guests safe if one falls ill. The premises are air-conditioned throughout to ensure even greater comfort for your pets.

The hotel has been approved and is monitored by the Regional Veterinary Administration.

Veterinary care

Veterinary care is provided by the Jinočany veterinary office run by MVDr. Dagmar Minaříková.